Mapping a commuter route-
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    Mapping a commuter route

    Since today is my day off, I am going to ride one of the routes I intend to use as a commuter route to work. On my way home, I am going to take the train to the nearest stop and ride the rest of the way home. Just trying to get a feel for the traffic and the total distance. I really hope my rear-end holds up!!!!

    It is approximately 13 miles to work and 7 miles home from the train platform.

    Please tell me this is a good idea and others have done this!!!

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    ^^ An excellent idea, enjoy your test flight. It can be hard to tell how long a trip will take until you ride it. You can also note any problem spots you might want to route around if possible. Since you won't be rushing, maybe you can bring us back some pix of the commute route.

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    It's a great idea. I might be doing the same shortly. I moved last week and it may significantly change my commute route. Not exactly sure what my options are now so I'm going to have to scope them out. I've got a couple of resources available, though.

    For one, Google Maps' bicycling layer is helpful, because it shows bike lanes, paths, and roads that are good for bicycling. While the bike lanes/paths aren't always perfect (especially here, where the bike lane network is constantly expanding), the cycling-friendly roads indications seem to be pretty good. Not all-inclusive necessarily, but if a route is highlighted as being a road good for bikes, it tends to be pretty accurate.

    Also, the local cycling advocacy group has surveyed local cyclists for good routes and produced a nice, big map illustrating different routes, bike lanes, and paths. The bike lane/path data there tends to be better. I hear they're going to be updating it this winter, too. It's a pretty awesome resource.

    Thankfully, I've got bike lanes right at the end of my driveway, so I think the move will result in a better quality commute. Not to mention, my commute will take me near several breweries so I can get growler fills on the way home. I can vary my route a bit depending on which one I want to visit. I can think of five off the top of my head right now. One of them is brand new this year. Two of them won awards at the GABF this year.

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    Another thing to take into account is what transit is available and where you catch it in order to get to work or home given a mechanical..ect. ect YMMV

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    I use the "create a route" tool on MapMyRide often to map out routes. it's easier to use than googlemaps and you can save you route. there is no substitute for actually riding that route a few times. I think I rode to work 5 or 6 times before I worked out the kinks in my route, but getting a general idea by mapping it first was a big help.

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    Until today, I never realized there were so many road upgrades taking place. Since they are expanding the 5 freeway, the roads around my home suck!!!! The initial route I was going to take was under serious repair, so I had to take another major street just to get out of my own city. Once I got on the other side of the freeway, the ride was actually not too bad. It is just flat city riding, with the typical unaware motor vehicle drivers. Including the detours, it took me 70 minutes. 20 minutes was spent trying to get on the other side of the freeway construction.

    On the way home, it was a very good ride until I got to the freeway. It took me 10 minutes to go one was not good.

    Overall I am so glad I did that because I have a better idea of which routes are good and which will be under construction.

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