My LBS was doing a garage sale & swap meet today in conjunction with the university's homecoming. I guess they were hoping that the increased traffic around campus would result in increased traffic to the shop.

It looks like it was working out. Anyway, I have been wanting some arm warmers for my commute and saw this as a chance to get a deal. I hauled some old bike parts over (mostly old Suntour and Dia Compe bits from an old Trek road bike, but also a set of 10spd chainrings that were takeoffs from the crankset on my commuter) and managed to sell the whole lot. I negotiated a price that allowed me to buy a pair of arm warmers so I came out even.

Looks like the shop is making room for more product (they're building an addition right now so they can sell camping gear, too). The garage sale stuff was a bunch of old accessories. Some funny stuff in there. Why a small town bike shop would have TWO sets of lizard skins inverted fork boots is beyond me. I think I've only seen two inverted suspension forks in the past 15 years, anyway. They also had a hilarious handlebar mounted headlight/radio/horn gizmo. It was enormous and ran on 3 C batteries. Built in speaker, even. On first glance, I thought one of the employees left a pricing gun out. A handlebar mounted cupholder. I was actually tempted by that, just for joke purposes.

I was surprised by the number of folks curious about the mustache handlebars on my commuter. Disc brakes on a road bike were less unusual than the handlebars, which are a 100+ yr old design.