• 07-24-2011
    Love my Mt. Bike, want something lower profile for riding around
    My big 29r is awesome but i am looking for a commuter/hybrid type.

    Would a 2005 Trek 3700 with slicks fit the bill? I am looking for a short travel fork and may add a suspension seat post. Really want to have 700c's but slick 26's may do the job for riding/commuting. Found a used one on CList for $100-125 that appears to be in good shape.

    Any feedback?
  • 07-24-2011
    How about a spare wheelset for your mtn bike? Through some fat 700c tires on there during the week, then have the weekend "play" set of wheels/tires.

    But an older used mtb from CL usually makes a good commuter, with the right tires. I'm a big fan of the Schwalbe Big Apples. Reflective, comfortable, quick, and pretty flatproof.
  • 07-24-2011
    I think a bike that goes, stops, shifts and doesn't need a bunch of mechanical work right away is worth $100.

    An '05 3700 is something that I'd feel reasonably comfortable leaving locked outside, and if you're in a city, most of the time you lose on your commute is because of traffic lights and such - nothing to do with your speed on the bike.

    FWIW, I ride a road bike for my commute. It cost me $95 and is a little big for me, so hardly a high-performance ride, but it does the job I ask it to.

    For me, a rigid fork and seat post would be preferable. I don't know that I'd let suspension turn me off if the fit was right-ish, though. Finding non-department store bikes for $100 is getting harder and harder.