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    Looking to make the change

    I never even thought about commuting by bike until I read this forum, but I'd love to give it a try. I live in NY and have about 15 miles from house to office. Assume heavy traffic all the way. No dirt. Streets are in average condition.

    I ride a hardtail mtn bike on the weekends, but am in the process of switching to FS b/c I'm in my 40's and ready for something kinder and gentler to my body. I also ride a Cannondale CAAD 9, which I love. I can't imagine either of those being the right pick for a work commuter. I've read a lot about the Kona Jake, but would love to hear recommendations on the right bike for this.

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    I'm a big fan of the cyclocross bike for commuting. Especially with a 15 mile commute, it would be a big improvement over mtn geometry. The Kona Jake is awesome, but doesn't have disc brake tabs. I'm a sucker for discs, so I built my own 'cross commuter using the Nashbar "x" cyclocross frame, which has the mounts. There aren't too many 'cross frames out there with disc mounts. Cantilever brakes are fine though, if I was buying a complete bike I would probably wind up with a Jake. Excellent choice for your description of your ride.
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    Congrats, we hope you join us in the commuter fold! A suggestion; maybe pick up a cheap pair of slicks and try your hardtail for a couple of commutes. If it's not the right commuter for you, then you really can't go wrong with the Jake.
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    Oh, that change. I thought you meant something about hormone therapy and a trip to Sweden.

    Yeah, I`d say just slap some slicks on your hardtail and give it a shot like that first. Or if you have secure parking, maybe even the C-dale on dry days. If you like it alright, something with drop bars and fat tires would be my personal choice for a 15 mile commute, but there are certainly people who do it otherwise. The Jake looks nice, especially because it`s still got genuine cantilever brakes, not those wierd disco thingies they`re trying to sell on a lot of newer "rough stuff" bikes
    Somebody on the forum just bought a Jake or JTS- don`t remember who, but maybe he`ll chime in with his impressions now that he has a few months on it.

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