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    looking to hear from Kona bike owners


    Im thinking of getting a second commuter/weekend tourer bike. And I have been looking at a couple of Kona bikes. My current commuter is a simple single speed 29er, the Vitus vee 29. Its a great bike and a blast to ride. But I need a bike with more gears for light touring and commuting for days when I need to bring more stuff with me.

    I could opgrade the Vitus but Im not interested in changing this bike at all. I really love the simple look it has and I want to keep it that way.

    The MinUte and the Sutra seem to appeal to me the most and I would love to hear pros and cons from you if you own or have owned og test ridden these bikes.

    What changes have you made to your bike and why. And what do you use your bike for?

    Question for the Sutra owners... Any particullar reason why the gear levers are positioned where they are on this bike?? Seems like an odd place to me.

    I cant test ride the bikes myself because there are no dealers in my area who sells kona bikes unfortunately. So I have to buy it online.

    Oh and I dont know if it matters for these bikes but I am 184 cm tall and 94 kilos heavy


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    Well, I can sort of help, the Sutra, like many touring bikes, uses bar end shifters to allow room for a nice big handlebar bag since STI style shifters would hit the side of the bag, plus old style STI would have cable issues as well. Also some touring bikes use V-Brakes or MTB disks which require a longer cable pull than standard road levers.
    Regarding the ride qualities, sorry I can't help much, my ride is an older Kona Cinder Cone hardtail converted to a rigid fork with fenders and a rack. FWIW i'm around 105 kg so they can certainly take the weight.
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    Thank you for the information about the gear shifters, that makes since I guess :-)

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    No really relevant experience here, but I did have a Kona Dawg full suspension mountain bike for a few years... it was a great bike. Every Kona I've seen I would describe as "overbuilt"... they are truly beefy bikes that can take a pounding.
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