• 09-20-2010
    Looking to get a hardtail frame
    Hey guys, so I have been riding my FS bike & I love it, but it looks like every MTBer that has a FS must have a hardtail was well. So I want to get one & give hardtailís a try , but I want to get a frames because I have parts from my FS that I upgraded, I donít want to spend more them $200 on a new frame, at this point ill take a hybrid frame with a front suspension as well just as a commuter bike, whatever comes.:confused:
  • 09-20-2010
    There a veritable buttload of aluminum frames for under 200. Performancebike has the Access and Sette has something, too. Ebay probably has a Leader or two, you might find a Fetish Discipline (with a yucky 69 degree head angle)..... I'd roll an Access with a rigid fork...
  • 09-20-2010
    I think some of Soma's frames are showing up on pricepoint too. They're made out of a nice tubeset, but I haven't ridden one myself, so I don't know how well-executed they are.

    The Kona Kula OEM frame is online for just under $200. It's a XC race frame with a 68.5 degree head angle (!? double-check their web site...)