• 02-13-2015
    looking for a decent handlebar bag for my Trek DS 8.2
    I'm thinking of trying out a handlebar bag instead of a saddle bag for my commutes to work. My Bigmouth Topeak large saddle bag was stolen last week while I was at work. Same with my frame pump. But with a handlebar bag I can remove and carry it around easily with it's shoulder strap.
    I was looking at this bag for starters.
  • 02-13-2015
    Wow, I have never seen something with zero Amazon reviews, are you the seller? If not, I know little of bar bags, but I am sorry for your losses. :( If I were removing it and installing it every day, I would look for something with a quick-release, not multiple velcro attachments. Jannd is a quality company that has been around forever, and I know they make quick release versions, but others do as well.
  • 02-13-2015
    That is cheap enough that it might be worth a try, even if it is more cumbersome to put on and take off. I haven't seen a handlebar bag that would hold documents and a laptop without seeming too big and cumbersome, other than the Ortleib Barista (which is pretty pricey). Axiom has a tablet carrier/ handle bar bag as well, but, it seems too small to be useful for me.

    If you are not dead set on handle bar vs. rack mount, you might look at this as well:
    Donkey Boxx Bicycle Panniers for Bicycle Racks

    The box itself is cheap, ugly, really light, and mostly bombproof. If you use a shopping bag or laptop bag inside it, you can just pull the bag out when you lock up and walk away.
  • 02-14-2015
    This bar bag looks better than the first one I looked at and it has great user reviews. Took a bit of searching but I found one with reviews. I'll order it tonight.


    I spoke too soon. This bag is cheaper and also has great reviews. I will go for this one.
    Here's a sample review from Michelle W, "I love having this on my handle bars. I can put my phone keys and other items safely away while riding. It is a pretty good size, unlike the ones that go under your seat and hardly fit anything".

  • 02-21-2015
    Roadrunner - made in LA, USA

    Burrito Bag
    they also have a different kind if you are looking for a bigger bag
  • 03-02-2015
    The Burrito bag looks very nice. Thanks bgenesis12.
    "Hey ladies, how do you like my new bag?"
  • 03-04-2015
    2X on the roadrunner bag.

    They have great stitching,amazing support, and you can make a combo color that matches (OR NOT) your bicycle.

    Burrito Bag
  • 03-04-2015
    Is the burrito bag compatible with other food or just burritos?

    It's a great idea though, I wish I had a burrito on every bike ride.
  • 03-04-2015
    Mangchi BB
    The bag is nice. I like having a bag on my handlers it is important to keep your stuff close. Sometimes when I have a bag attached to my saddle I freak out and check behind me like 20 times a ride to make sure it hasn't fallen off. This can be dangerous as I do not want to fall or hit something in front of me while I am not looking. Also trying to make sure the zipper is closed sucks too.
  • 03-11-2015
    Sometimes I use a backpack pannier Pannier Backpack I like the fact it goes on my rack like a pannier and I can wear it as a backpack once I'm at my destination. Also much more room for locks, rain gear, and stuff to when you break down.