looking to buy used old commuter 26"- Mtbr.com
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    looking to buy used old commuter 26"

    I have been looking online to buy an older used 26 inch bike.
    i am looking for something that is geared but can easily be converted to SS in the future.
    i am new enough to converting to SS that i am not entirely clear on the best type of frame and dropouts to be looking for. i know there are conversion kits but my goal is to find the least expensive but reasonable sturdy bike possible.

    can someone give me a list of make and models from past years that have a decent 26" bike that can be converted to single speed (but i will want to ride it w gears for as long as possible).

    thank you.

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    Look for a rigid mt bike. Also horizontal or semi horizontal drop outs.

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    To get a frame with semi-horizontal dropouts you will likely need to look at steel frame from the '80s. Otherwise almost any hardtail, with vertical dropouts, can be made into a SS with a simple tensioner. That will open your search up to almost anything, so you can concentrate on looking for things like rack mounts, ETC.

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    bikes like the 2 first pics are what you want to try to find....you want a mtb from the 80s... but a 90s bike can be used as others have said with a tensioner.... the cheapest route is to use and old deraileur with the stop screws turned most or all the way in for a good chain line.... the last pic is my commuter
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