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    Looking For 1.75" Tire That is Tall and Skinny

    Long time ago I rode with a Continetal ContiTop touring tire. What I liked most about it, it was very smooth and comfortable riding tire. I think being tall and skinny made it more compliant. It also had low rolling resistance cuz it had a skinny slick contact patch.

    Anyone making something similar now thats 1.75-1.9" wide?

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    I have been rolling Continental TravelContact tires on my commuter/adventure/lose weight bike for a bit. They are a 1.75 tire, but they do look thinner probably due to being "tall". Center section that rolls easily, good grip from the knobs on the sides when needed. Variable range of inflation that is actually usable, I jack them up to near the max inflation on pavement and they speed (but are unforgiving when hitting every expansion joint and bump) and drop to close to the minimum inflation for traction and comfort on fire-road riding. Also very durable. I highly suggest these.

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    Tall and skinny? That`s kind of hard to say because tires take on a different shape depending on how wide a rim they`re mounted on.

    I`m pretty sure the Conti Top Touring was what they now call Top Contact, and it looks like they can still be had in 26 x 1.9 for a hefty price. If you had good luck with the old Contis and want to stick with the same brand for a bit less dough, they offer quite a few other 1.75-1.9 tires in various styles. I`ve never used any personally, but I have to say that Travel Contact that Bokchoi hypes sure has tempted me for a while.

    I`ve had a few sets of Panaracer T-Serve Messengers in 1.75 that I really like for their smooth rolling and cushiness. I stopped using them because they were pretty expensive and I don`t see that name any more. They now offer a T-Serve Protex, which may or may not be the same tire, but I don`t want to spend that much and find out it isn`t the same thing and that I don`t like it. It could be a coincidence, but my limited experience seems to point to wire bead tires for toughness and folding beads for easy rolling and comfy.

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    1.75 width are also the height. When they are pumped, they will naturally become round as the material stretches. This is the same reason that you need the tire's width to calibrate your computer correctly. It's also essentially the height.

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