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    Long travel (AM/FR/DH) commuters - Post 'Em Up!!

    (I think I'll X-post to DH/FR & AM but refer them back to here)

    How many of you have taken an otherwise burly, heavy and otherwise 'ill-suited for road' bike and bastardized it with lights, fenders and skinny tires?
    How about panniers?

    -either out of necessity (only bike) or just for sh!ts and giggles (I wonder how a 1.25" tire would look on my V10)

    If so, post them up! Let's see those ridiculous setups.
    If ya just slapped some commuter stuff on your 6"+ bike to see how goofy it looks, great! But if you have a 'real' reason, share it.

    Most off the wall setup wins!! (I'm not sure what...)

    (I'll post mine after my comp quits crashing - fukkin PCs )
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    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    Jamis Dakar XLT, slightly one-off, 5.7" travel f/r -- hands down, the best bike I've ever thrown a leg over!
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    OK.. here's mine...

    Honestly... ahh I give up

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    Hate to admit..

    I hate to show & almost embarrassed ..BUT you asked!. AND I RODE IT TO WORK TODAY! I am looking at it right now!..
    ..I left the Ellsworth at home and use this as my commute bike and loner bike to others that want to ride.
    My commute is little over 9 miles one way...so it works for the trip! Also I can do some killer single track if I want and add miles on the way home or hit dirt b-4 work!...who cares what the ride is if ya can hit dirt on your way to or from work! How many others can do that!

    PS!! Check out that old helmet!...It's dark when i leave and WHO CARES!..I keep the good one for the Ellsworth ride! ;>)

    psss! oops!..I thought this was post your commute bike ride...Well I left my long travel at home..in it's day THIS was long travel! heh-heh
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