The Lone Commuter-
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    The Lone Commuter

    This thread goes out to those bicycle commuting in areas that aren't particularly popular for cycling. Since I moved to Virginia Beach, VA, I frequently feel as though I am one of the only people in town that commutes on a bike. The main reason for this is that I don't witness a ton of other people doing so. I routinely see the same 2-3 people in my immediate area each week, and have seen a few others, but for a city of over 400,000 people, that isn't much.

    A lot of this is do to the lack of safe roads, unorganized MUP system, and crazy traffic. It's an extremely difficult city to get around on a bike. You really have to choose your route carefully. With that said, drivers do seem to be pretty respectful most of the time unless you are riding on an extremely busy/high speed limit road (which makes up most of the city). No shoulder, cars going 60mph...pretty common around here.

    A lot of it is that I moved here from the SF Bay area, and lived in a smaller community that heavily promoted cycling. Va Beach has a fair amount of competitive road cycling culture, but I often wonder if these guys ever consider riding their bike to work instead of loading it up in the car to go meet a ride. I can't really blame them though, as you'd be crazy to ride some of the roads in town.

    I'm really just thinking out loud here, but I wondered if any other lone commuters have similar experiences in other cities.

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    Not dealing with such a large city (10,000), but it took a long time to get drivers used to seeing a bike on the road. A new time, means a new group to educate. Route planning is very important.


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    I commute most days here in utah valley (from saratoga springs to lehi ) and in my area though i do see more riders when im driving but i rarely see any when im riding. So 99.9999% of the time im riding solo on my 15 mile round trip. But in the end there is nothing better than being able to shut off two times a day.

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    I don't see alot of commuters on my way to work either. Granted it's winter here so it's cold and the weather is changeable but it is a shame. I work for a company with 150 local employees and there might be 3-4 of us who are regular which or really poor as well.

    The city I live in has invested alot in cycle ways but the problem is the safe cycle zones are connected by areas of road which are quite hazardous. My employer could also do more by providing better facilities for bike storage.

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