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    Locks for your bike / Seats

    So I have 2 questions for those bikers out there that ride in the city. I just currently moved into the city and I am finding it will be quite convenient to start biking to certain places. I have a Fezzari Mountain bike and I really don't feel like purchasing another bike just for city use, so this one will have to do.

    1) Locking it up: What type of locks are great for security in the city. I also have concern since my front wheel can simply come off so I would need to be able to fasten the bike to a pole and have it secure enough so the bike doesn't go any where / if someone just took my front wheel.

    2) Seat cushion: The seat is fine for when I'm riding in the trails (I'm usually standing up anyway) but in the city, I am seated most of the time and it's not the best for comfort. Can you simply just buy a different seat? I did see in a store cushions that wrap around the seat.. but I didn't know how well they work. Any suggestions would help!

    Thank you!

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    1-I use a kryptonite u-lock. Don't remember what model but it was around 80 bucks. It's orange so it stands out so people will know other bikes are easier to steal. I also use Sunlite locking skewers. They're pretty great and can lock your seatpost down too.

    2-Yeah, buy a new saddle. Try some out at your LBS, then when you buy one make them install it. Also, too cushy is bad for your nerves, down near little joey jiggles.

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    1- Ok cool. I sort of looked into it as I passed by Walmart (place always scares me so I am in and out haha). Are the U-locks better than big chains, does anyone know?

    2- LOL "little Joey Jiggles". I'm a little confused how being too cushy could be bad?? How would that explain sitting in soft chairs etc. Clearly I am a beginner so go easy on me.

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    I have a Kryptonite NY Noose chain with a mini Ulock for the frame/back tire/rack and then another cheaper Kryptonite Ulock for the front wheel to frame. I use this combo anytime the bike is out of my sight. If I can see the bike(like an eatery or grabbing a soda at the gas station), I just use the cheaper Ulock and do the Sheldon Brown lockup(through rear tire onto rack).
    Lock Strategy

    Depending on your city, you might need to get a small short cable and luggage lock and lock your seat to your frame. Sometimes people can just take things to be pricks and it isn't the seat they want so much as making you ride home without it(and even cheap seatposts/seats can be $30 or more, so cash you have to shell out also for replacement). If they have cable snips or wire cutters, this won't stop them but people just snapping your QR or unbolting a screw just because it is handy....don't make it handy.

    Seats is very personal in choice. What my ass likes might not be what yours does. The pads you refer to, they suck at not moving around with the act of pedaling while seated. My son had one for all of a week and I took it back and bought him a better seat. It was always slipping to the side or catching his pants at the nose area. Just get a better seat. Padding isn't what makes a seat comfy for bike seats, it is support in the correct areas(sit bones) and give in materials, along with correct tilt and height.
    A Comfortable Bicycle Saddle

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    The thing to remember is that nowadays any lock can be beaten by a portable angle grinder. So since there's no such thing as 100% protection, the goal is just to make your bike unattractive to most thieves - that usually just means locking it up better than the rest of the bikes in the rack or on the street.

    Kryptonite make great locks, but they're really pricey. At REI you can get an onguard lock for 1/2 the price that will provide 99% (or more) of the security of a krypto. And getting a cable to loop through the front wheel is good too.

    And many locks guarantee to replace your bike if it is stolen, but make sure to read the fine print (what documentation you need to submit and when, how long the guarantee lasts, if it's valid where you live, what you need to provide as proof, etc...): https://www.kryptonitelock.com/Docum...CONDITIONS.pdf

    From what I understand the manufacturers make it very difficult to collect, although I don't have any first hand experience.

    And yeah, don't get one of the seat pads because they are terrible. The best bet is to find a store with a no-questions-asked return policy (like REI or a box store) and try saddles until you find one you like. There's nothing worse than spending $50+ on a saddle only to find out that you hate it and that the bike shop won't take it back.

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    A couple more thoughts on your questions...
    1) What you lock it to is as important as what you lock it with. Make sure it can't be lifted over the pole or that the railing is not too wimpy/easily detachable.

    2) I think the problem with the cushy seat as opposed to the cushy couch is that you are repeating many revolutions of the pedals, so chafing is an issue on anything too bulky. And since you are pushing against the pedals, a soft cushion may just "bottom out, whereas a firm one will not. On the other hand, I'm not a devotee of the super-minimalist zero-padding racing saddles either.

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    Locks for your bike / Seats

    Buy the ugliest cheapest bike you can find for commuting, that way not if but when it gets stolen, who cares? Go to a flea market and get a $25 bike, or from Tyron down the street corner.

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    FWIW, I've seen a few people cut a length of inner tube, run a length of old chain through it, the frame and the seat rails, then insert a pin in to the chain to permanently secure the seat to the frame without scratching the frame (inner tube protects the frame from the chain). It's hardly perfect, but for a quick and dirty mechanism to slow people down from just stealing your stuff, it's not bad.

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