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    Locking a Brooks saddle on a commuter bike?

    Sorry if this has been covered already... I couldn't find exactly what I was thinking of... Maybe a small cable that locks the seat to the frame, but still can't be cut easily?

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    Doesn't exist, unfortunately. You're better off getting a 1/8x1/2 chain, slipping a cut road tube around it, and pinning it together. Much harder to cut, pain in the ass to remove.

    A cleaner solution is a tamper-resistant bolt, if you can get one for your seat clamp...search for "[your bolt diameter] tamper resistant hex". The clamp bolts can be many different sizes, but M4, M5, and M6 are by far the most common.

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    Lock it up by taking it with you when you lock the bike up. No way I'd trust a Brooks on an unattended bike.
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    If I had to risk a brooks regularly, I would definitely chain it the the frame and as said above special bolts or a bb glued in the hex opening. A crappy old gel saddle cover wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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    Run an old bike chain through an old road tube through the frame and the seat rails.
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