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    Local Bike Commuter Facebook Page?

    My wife brought up the idea of creating a Facebook page or group for area bike commuters. She doesn't think it would be too difficult to get the several local bike shops involved.

    I'm not too tech savvy, and am much more inclined face to face than behind a keyboard. I don't have much experience with things like this, so I'm not exactly sure where to start. The one thing I absolutely want to avoid is the bashing of bike shops between loyal customers. What may work for one might not work for another, and if I'm going to get them involved, the last thing they want to see is their name being slandered.

    So, what ideas do you have?
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    Ours is pretty active, 68 members, but not that many "talk" - well not in winter anyhow. It was started by a guy with an idea, it's called Vermont Bicycle Commuters, https://www.facebook.com/groups/159387230750915/, and is not affiliated with shops, etc. People share stories, photos, advice, articles, etc. Occasionally a spammer sneaks into the group and posts something dumb, but not often, and the organizer drops them from the group.

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    creating a group is easy. managing one is pretty easy. here, there aren't any commuter groups I know of, but a commuting advocacy group has a page that gets some traffic. They post a lot of articles that generate discussion, much like what occurs here.

    locally, we DO have groups for a lot of bike-related stuff. Some clubs have groups. The MTB club has a "page", and to be honest I tend to prefer how those get handled on my newsfeed. Some of the local parks have groups. There are a few specific rides that occur on a regular basis (monthly, annually, etc) that have their own groups, too. It's not a bad way to get people involved and engaged.

    It's probably going to attract the widest variety of people, and be the easiest way to engage younger folks.

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    I had the idea this summer to put up some signs or hand out cards somehow on my local route. Just directing them to a thread I create here in the commuting forum.

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    Ours is run by the local bike co-op:

    And the city to the south has a pretty active non-facebook forum:
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