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    Lenz Heated Socks, Insulated Boots or Both?

    Any of you commuting beasts use these when the temp drops way down?

    I normally commute in my Solomon hiking boots (goretex but not insulated).

    I think I am going to have to throw down on either the heated socks or new insulated boots. I am thinking the latter, since I already have heated footbeds in my ski boots (I won't be able to multi task the heated socks). At $390 CDN I could buy some awfully nice insulated boots.

    What are you guys wearing on your feet for the super cold?

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    Insulated 5.10s or boots plus toe warmer packs if needed. Keeping your legs warm will also keep your feet warmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruiser View Post
    Shimano MW7s, with an aerogel insole, *and* an electrical heating coil with an external battery pack. Sometimes I seriously put a shoe-cover over top, but things then start to get too wide for my crankset.

    Failing all that, and sometimes it does, if I don't have the shoe covers on, I'll get off and run up on a hill or two.
    The headed insole elements I got from aliexpress for about $10 and use any USB phone charger pack (i.e. from Costco or Bestbuy) as a battery, which avoids the sketchiness of sourcing no-name lithium batteries from overseas. They kick off as much heat as the big-dollar Hotronics kit I used to have, albeit with more assembly required.
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    I bet you can get a really nice pair of boots for $350 and have some money left over for many years worth of hand warmers.

    It probably depends on the temps you ride in. If you are below 0F a lot you may need the heated socks. Otherwise I'd go for the boots.

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