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    length options for 29er solid forks

    does anyone know who makes longer solid forks? I loved the geometry of the bike with the shock forks but blew out another set. I replaced them with a brand new solid set that came from a Mongoose Sabrosa that never saw any use as my friend put suspension on it after it left the bike shop. They are a nice solid fork and I like their advantages. But it does not go as high as the suspension forks did. It really changes the geometry and feel of the ride. Hard to imagine how much different 1 inch can feel but it really does feel different. Too bad they do not make a spacer for the crown area of the fork. Wonder if the boys in the machine shop at work could make one for me.....hmmmmm....anyway who else out the makes longer solid forks to match previous fork lengths?

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    Rigid forks come in a variety of lengths. You most important number in your case is called axle to crown, sometimes abbreviated A2C OR ACT. This is a measurement from where the center of the wheel would be to where the fork meets the lower headset cup (or enters the frame). You should be able to simply measure your current fork and then shop around for a fork that is longer.

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    I found my solution.......its a head tube extender....20mm...should do the trick. I do not off road with this thing. its a commuter.

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    Better solution if you have a suspension corrected frame for an 80mm sus fork, which would equate just about to the 470mm A2C of most of these rigid fork, but this one is available @ 500mm, which is roughly equivalent to a 100mm sus fork sagged Voodoo Cycles Zombie Rigid Fork > Components > Forks > Rigid Forks | Jenson USA Online Bike Shop
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    Yup, a suspension-corrected rigid fork has a longer axle-to-crown length. I made that mistake on my first bike build a decade ago. Put a non-suspension-corrected fork on a frame built around 80mm of travel. The geometry ended up being weird until I found a suspension-corrected fork off an old Rockhopper.

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    I have used a Soul Cycles Dillinger fork (80mm suspension corrected) and a Surly Ogre fork...both are great. Both are steel. The Ogre fork is stiffer.
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    2nd the soul cycles dillinger cro mo fork. I have root beer brown 29" fork im looking to unload of anyones interested shoot me a PM. AC is 390 and its disc only.

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