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    Koki Panniers?

    Hey all, I want to get a sense of other's experiences with Koki (decide 2 ride) panniers and the company's customer service.

    Here's the background. My wife picked up a pair of Rover II bags for me at REI from the attic back in mid summer. The bags were great. Roomy. Waterproof. Seemingly durable.

    In October I noticed that the big rubber bottom of one of the bags was delaminating from the bag's upper. No biggie. I just threw some glue on it and it was good as new.

    Then in November one of the hooks that hangs the bag on the rack broke. I emailed the company explaining the broken hook and that I could not find it as a spare part to purchase on the website. I also mentioned the bottom coming off the bag, as a data point for them more than anything.

    I got a response the same day stating that they'll get the hooks sent out to me right away, free of charge and that they would, later in November, send me a new set of bags once they were back in stock.

    Awesome I thought. Excellent customer service, right?

    So when mid-December came around and no bags arrived I contacted them again. The second contact was due to the ratchet adjustment strap on the bag breaking. I just asked if they were still planning on sending a new set or if I could just get a new ratchet strap. I also said I was fine with them sending me a different model of bag, if need be, or with just forgetting the bags if they could send me the strap that was busted as I never expected them to offer a replacement of the bags at the beginning anyway.

    I never received any communication back from them at this point.

    I chalked it up to going into the holiday season and let it drop.

    So, I contacted them again on Monday seeking any information regarding my previous communication. It's now Friday and I've heard nothing.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue with their customer service department?

    I'd just return them to REI, but as they were purchased out of the attic, that's not possible. I'm also not in a situation where I can drop a hundred plus on a new set of bags right now.

    I guess my disappointment comes from not hearing back. I'd be happy even if they would just respond saying "Hey, the guy that promised a new set of bags wasn't supposed to do that. Sorry. Let us send you the strap to fix the broken one."

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    I have some that are falling apart, also purchased at REI. I haven't tried contacting the company. May try to do so for my own amusement. But I won't ever purchase another Koki product.

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    Update. I gave them a call over the weekend and they returned my call today and supposedly will be sending out a new set of bags. However, I tend to agree with you that I don't think I'd buy anything from them again simply because I can't be worrying that the bottom of the bags are going to fall off while I'm commuting. Had the first contact with them ended more positively, I would be more inclined to purchase again. I get the sense that they are a really small company, which is cool, but maybe a bit over stretched?

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