Killer Driver only "Careless" not "Dangerous", and Walks-
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    Killer Driver only "Careless" not "Dangerous", and Walks

    Makes you wonder what you have to do to be considered dangerous...

    Driver guilty of killing cyclist walks free from court - Cycling Weekly

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    I had to walk away from a reply when I read of this first. It is in the same class as driving away with a cyclist embedded in one's windshield.

    In all the jurisdictions where I have had a driver's license, the driver is required to avoid the accident. No exceptions for mowing down pedestrians or cyclists. Even if the other is at fault, like a jay-walker. You can't just run into or over people. Nine seconds is ample time to come to a complete stop. That was witnesses and not in question. No braking or even stopping after the accident, and both demand felony charges. Leaving the scenes needs to carry the same or worse penalties as a DUI for obvious reasons. Deaths that occur because of a felony are murder.

    It sounds as though the judges hands were tied and the prosecutor failed to bring for whatever reason, charges that merited a heavier sentence. Given this miscarriage of justice, if I was his family I would find a pro bono lawyer for a civil suit (even split the money recovered down the middle). I would like the lawyer to make sure this moron's income is garnisheed for the rest of his life. I would want to make him wish he that he could have just served time. Every paycheck will be a reminder. Meantime, the cycling community there had better use this as a case in point for some serious changes. Using this logic shooting a gun and killing someone on a bicycle who did nothing to deserve it, would be legal.

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    you mean like this?

    Killer Driver only "Careless" not "Dangerous", and Walks-127661_600.jpg

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    ^^ Got it in one! Even if he did not see him, the noise and bumps driving over him can hardly be ignored as normal by anyone sober and with it enough to be legally behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Tragic mistakes happen. Reckless disregard is something else entirely.

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