• 01-08-2019
    Just saw this and thought it was pretty cool - convercycle convertible cargo bike.

    A folding cargo bike. This is a really nice idea, I like the idea of a standard bike that can open to a utility bike when needed. My biggest complaint about cargo bikes are their size, this would alleviate this pretty well and it looks like at minimum it has an IGH for gears. I could actually hang this in my garage with my regular bikes and then unfold as needed.

    Whatcha think?
  • 01-08-2019
    Interesting city bike...
  • 01-08-2019
    life behind bars
    Pretty ingenious. This would be a good add to the Folding Bike sub-forum.
  • 01-24-2019
    Looks very cool. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbX6kxG6SMU

    You should keep in mind though, when you put in a floor you can not flip the wheel anymore. So you when flipping in the wheel you have to carry the cargo bag / floor some other way. I am seriously interested though....