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    Just moved... thoughts on my shorter commute.

    My commute used to be 6.5 miles each may, with another 1.5 miles in there if I went to yoga. I enjoyed the time on my bike every morning before work, and I liked blowing off some steam on the way home. I know some of you commute 2-3 times that distance, and all in all it never seemed like a big deal to ride 13-15 miles a day.

    I'll spare the boring details, but I just got an apartment about 1/4 mile from the yoga studio, and just over 2 miles from my office. Its pretty incredible. I no longer have to pack three meals before I leave the house. Just make a lunch and I'm out the door. Since I don't have to haul towels and yoga mats, change of clothes, etc. I just ride the old 700c singlespeed to work. The bike is fun. I can be real lazy about the ride and still be at work in 10 minutes. It's very very nice. That is all.
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    I could see that being pretty cool...my current commute is 5.5 miles by the most direct route, and just under 10 miles if I go the 'fun way'... it does put me on a time crunch in the morning, but I love the 'decompression time' on the way home.

    Your new situation would give you the option of going for a long ride just for the heck of it, or jogging home every now and then, etc. Options are always nice.
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    My direct commute is 2 miles one way, but I can stretch it out to about 3.35 if I go the "fun way." I'd love it if it were longer and or incorporated some MUP or dirt miles. It is what is is, better than nothing I guess.
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    My old commute was about 50% MUP. It was definitely nice. However, It was mandatory every day. Lately I've been hitting the weight room pretty hard and going to spin class, so its nice to have the resting option. The biggest difference is the planning/prep in the morning (or night before). Now I just bring a lunch. Before I had to bring lunch, a pre-yoga snack, a pre-ride home snack, plus towels and a yoga mat. Now I just pack a lunch and go. In the evening I get home and grab a snack and walk to yoga, then walk home. Plus, I can always just jump on the bike and ride if I want to. We have lots of MUP's in town and I can pick one up about 0.1 miles from my new apartment. Or I can use my extra time to grab the dog and the MTB and hit the dirt
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    My "as the crow flies" commute

    Is about 5 miles but takes me through a real shitty interchange and very busy downtown arterials. So i take the long-ish way which works out to somewhere around 8 to 9 miles each way.

    If your looking to maybe extend your mileage comsider doing longer rides after work. I have a after work ride thats around 20 miles. Throwingthat in makes for a good mileage day and it s a fun ride.

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    Cool- sounds like it was worth the packing trouble and changing over the utiliies.

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    Huh, i do about 13 miles each way, and i'm not sure i'd want it to be shorter. It takes 20 minutes of spinning along before my head is in the game. A hop over to the store isn't a bike ride, it's all the hassle of lugging a bike around without the pleasure of pedaling.

    Only down side is that i have to drive to work to let my legs recover after long fun rides.
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