Some of you might recall some time ago that I got my hands on a Whisky No. 5 carbon fork for my commuter. It felt seriously nice, but I was unable to get my front fender installed (it DOES have fender eyelets) because the custom paint job it had been given gummed up those eyelets pretty good, and the only tool I had at the time to deal with it was a dental pick. That was a woefully inadequate tool for the job.

Last week I went to Texas and got all my stuff moved up to Indy. Most of it resides in a storage unit, but I did get to keep my rolling toolbox with me. In it, I found my tap & die set that I almost forgot I had, so I was able to chase the threads on those rack eyelets lickety split and FINALLY get that fork install finished. Just in time for the weekend commute.