Interesting items for cummuters-
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    Interesting items for cummuters

    So I got sent a couple things from a company called Bikeman (courtesy of gearbest). Actually a pretty slick idea. Probably not the first product out there with this idea. But it works well, design is decent (all things considered) and adds some extra safety to commuting I thought it was worth sharing the review here.

    Bikeman YKBB 5L Wireless Control Light-up Warning Cycling Backpack-32.10 and Free Shipping|
    Bikeman YKWB Wireless Control Light-up Warning Cycling Saddle Seat Bag-27.35 and Free Shipping|

    Wireless remote to control caution lights, red "brake" light and left/right turn signals.

    Bright enough to do its job. its not as bright as a good tail light, but itll do its job of telling drivers where your planning to go and add some visibility.

    Go ahead and check out the video, it shows and explains everything much better, sorry couldnt figure out how to get the glare out of the ending video (recorded it 3 times on different settings).

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    Very good idea. I wonder how it proves itself on the road. That means, if motorists really pay attention to it.

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    Well once they are done with bridge work Ill be commuting again so theyll get put tot the test. I live on the edge fo the eastern side of the upper miss. river, with the town that has everything including our jobs on the other side of the river. They shut down all sidewalk access to paint and everything. No way Im riding the road surface itself, not with how people drive around here. Might be out in the "country" but people are a-holes when they are behind the wheel still.

    If messing around with the set up, my wife says they are more than bright enough and you can see the arrows and such clearly at a block away, see the flashing of it (cant tell the designs though) at 2-3 blocks on lit streets.

    As I know well, visibility is everything and reflective clothing helps but only a bit, nothing like decent lighting does. Even driving myself, reflective clothing may or may not stand out enough to make you fully cautious, bright flashing LEDs on the other hand GET YOUR ATTENTION lol. I always thought a couple cheap lights and some 3M reflective tape would be plenty since im in a small town and neighboring town is only about 10K. That was bad judgement on my part. Refelctor tap all over my frame, a good headlight and a cygolight taillight (ran a chinese clone of on prior, it worked well too but ate batteries, before that was a little topeak thing), never had a close call/hop to up the curb incident since.

    Hoping using this stuff will help a bit more, especially when hard to see hand signals for making turns at night and such.

    Cant wait to get back to commuting, that was half my saddle time and let me tell you, not having it the last 3 months I feel it every weekend I hit the trails.

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