Intentional Hit, and Run Driver only fined $250-
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    Note to self: do not flick the bird at someone who is driving a powerful 2-ton vehicle in an impatient manner behind you. He may be a sociopath.

    So we are left with pursuing a civil suit when the authorities wimp out (or are bought off?). At least the hit and run is confirmed. I hope the idiot's insurance skyrockets. Since leaving the scene precludes drug and alcohol tests, the penalty for that should be comparable to drunk driving and much higher than $250, or you encourage every drunk to run.

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    Brian hit the nail on the head. The penalty for a hit and run needs to be much harsher, at least equivalent to DUI.

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    Leaving the scene to avoid a DUI charge has got to be the worst-kept secret in town.

    Driver in unusual hit-and-run death walks free after police mistake - Toronto - CBC News

    When a driver actually remains on the scene these days the media mention it like it's some sort of heroic act, and I guess give the above scenario it kind of is.

    As for if flipping the bird actually makes assaults more likely... maybe, but not always.

    I've had abusive drivers who I ignored fly into a rage, since they must have thought I was deaf-by-Ipod or something and really didn't know they were there screaming at me. Car swerving followed.

    When I finally barked something back at them, I guess they became smug in the knowledge they had finally pissed me off and drove away.
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    ^ I hope the father can find a pro bono lawyer for a civil case. Maybe a suit against the polices for mishandling the case while he is at it.

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    $250 is about 250% more than most get charged with in NY. Usually, it's, "No criminality suspected."

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    Guess the city really isn't too concerned about "Vision Zero", seems like a road rage assault should be pursued a bit more forcefully.

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