Idaho Stops - Not All That?-
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    Idaho Stops - Not All That?

    Ill start by saying I live in Boise.. So this opinion is mine and only mine.

    It's kind of crazy in my opinion... Idaho has been over the top on leniency on this. Bikes haven't had to stop at lights, stop signs and can blow through them reguardless. This had caused me to almost hit a few bikers. Now i will say that the majority are very aware and pay attention... As always its the few who make it look bad for the majority. Being both a cager and mtb'er I feel the laws should be the same for all wheeled transportation.. (At least when it comes to stopping and obeying traffic directions)

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    It really comes down to education and enforcement. Which barely exists for cyclists in the first place, regardless of the existence of the Idaho Stop.

    Cyclists need to be made aware of the laws that govern their behavior on the roads, and they need to be held accountable to them. But how much can we expect, really, since all too often, there simply isn't enough of an enforcement presence to keep motorists in line?

    Regardless of what the law is, there are going to be certain people who push the limits until they're held accountable for it.

    I, for one, am in favor of the stop as yield. When there's NOBODY ELSE at a cross street, what, seriously, is the point of stopping and waiting for a traffic light to change that may not ever change for a cyclist? Stop SIGNS are less of a concern for me, because if nobody else is there, a stop, short trackstand, and then go is not a problem for me. But stop lights that a bicycle won't trigger? Those really suck, and are the impetus for the "stop as yield" law in the first place. And they're everywhere. And expensive for cities to change to something that will reliably detect a bicycle.

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