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    how to pack lunch?

    i've always found this to be a slight issue when i commute. i like to bring lunch and many of my lunches are stews, chili type, casserole dishes. I have tupperware microwavable containers but i am always afraid when i put it in my camel vertically the food will just slowly leak out and i will end up with a mess. i just use a camelback mule. any suggestions or tips you all use to transport lunch?

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    You just need a really good leakproof storage container. I have a couple square/rectangular ones with 4 flaps that seal really tight - even milk doesn't leak in my backpack. Mine are from some obscure(?) brand Komax. I even put them in the dishwasher and they still don't leak years later.

    When looking for a new thermos on kleenkanteen recently I saw they are coming out with insulated food containers this fall. Oh I see they are available now, insulated & not Klean Kanteen: Stainless Steel Food Canisters and Containers

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    I think Xplorer is right. All I pack to work are sandwiches or fruit, but I have a lot of faith in the heavy duty Tupperware/Rubbermaid (not the cheapos or disposables) sealable containers and we often take the along for car camping or picnic type situations. Just try it out first with something nice and sloppy under conditions where it won`t matter if you happen to have a bad one.

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    I take lunch from home almost every day and I use zip lock bags, my wife says we cant afford me loosing all the plastic containers all the time. Then she just puts everything in the plastic bag I brought my six pack from the liquor store the day before.

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    For soups and such I use Lock N Lock containers and they are awesome! Never had one leak. I've used some of the cheaper knock-off versions of them and have had leaks. Of course, there are folks who are against the idea of plastic and all the chemicals that they can place into the food - there are pyrex-like glass versions of the locking container that I've had good luck with as well, but a bit rich for my wallet. Also, I'm afraid that if I were to crash...

    Also, if I have an especially messy lunch, I'll place the contents of the lunch in two or three plastic grocery sacks so that if there is a leak, it is confined and not all over my clothes. In three years of bike commuting I've never had to wear food-stained clothes. Well at least not until after I ate lunch, but that's just me...

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    Re: how to pack lunch?

    +1 for lock and lock those things are great. I have one that I broke one of the clamps on but even with 3 it still seals up well

    I keep a bowl at work for heating/eating
    Yeah I only carry cans cause I'm a weight weenie.

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    I just put the food in tupperware and then put the tupperware in a ziplock bag. Even if you can't zip the bag it still provides that protection at the bottom half of the tupperware.

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    Lock and Lock

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    I have some rubbermaid containers that are good for super-tight sealage...I usually bring dinner leftovers for lunch, and they are often sloppy things that could make quite a mess in the bag. With something like soup or something really messy, I have put the tupperware thingy into a big zip-loc bag, just for added insurance.
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    Use a jar

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    I have had pretty good results even with those disposable kinds. And I tend to use those things probably WAY longer than they were intended to be used. Most of the stuff I put in those tends to be pretty thick. No soups. Lots of pasta. My chili is thick, esp when cold.

    If you're dealing in soups, I agree to go with a thermos-type container.

    I also put everything into a grocery bag for transport. Never had a leak, either.

    With any luck, I get a job that I just applied for that will have a commute of about 10 steps from my bedroom most days, except for when I have meetings.

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