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    How much do you carry?

    ever since I got the Ortlieb panniers, I carry about enough stuff to survive in the wild if I get lost on my 9 mile urban commute...I'm thinking of getting a backpack and taking a multi-tool, a spare tube, my pump and clothes/food for the day. If I did have a problem, I could likely call a co-worker to get in, or my Wife to get home. my question? what is the bare minimum you carry with you on your commute? Do I really need to take much along, or should I expect that me and my bike will make it to work just fine?

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    Well, bare in mind that I am capable of running 9 miles comfortably (which is about the distance of my commute). So worst case scenario, I have to walk 4.5 miles. That about an hour and not a big deal for me.

    I carry the same supplies I do on a 100 mile ride:
    Patch kit

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    Aside from my clothes/necessities for work? Sometimes a multi tool and some money. Oops.
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    In pannier:
    Work clothes
    Two tubes (have double-flatted a couple of times)
    Tire lever
    A few tie-wraps

    On frame/bike:
    Water bottle
    Pump with duct tape wrapped around it
    Bike computer (Garmin)

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    I shuttle clothes and food to work in a car once/week.

    I have a fanny pack (which I often get harassed for) which has a multi-tool, some tape, some zip ties, pump, C02, levers and patch kit. Plus cellphone wallet and keys. I ride a bunch of different bikes so having all that stuff easily transferable is key. Since every bike seems to have a different tube size I put a small seat pack on each one with just a tube. If I'm riding a solo century or far away from home I'll tape a spare tire to the frame.

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    Coffee thermos.

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    rolled up pants, shirt, underwear, belt. Extra clothes in case the day requires some layering. tube, patch kit and transit pass. Basically i can get anywhere i need to be if i break down using the transit pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeboh View Post
    Coffee thermos.
    Yeah, that too on the commutes or morning rides.

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    It depends on the time of year. In the summer I will head out the door with just my clothes for the day, lunch, and coffee. I'll bring a tube, multitool, and pump... if I think about it. Some days I have a computer with me and others I don't.

    In the winter, though, that is a different matter. In the winter I use both pannier bags and in one are my clothes for the day, a down sweater, and stocking cap. In the other is my coffee and lunch as well as two extra pairs of gloves (different weights - I have a light, medium, and oh my god it's cold out pair), two or three extra Buffs. Extra pair of socks, extra wind-breaker jacket, mini tool, tube, pump, and, depending on how cold it is supposed to be, I often pack a second down coat. While my commute ride isn't in the middle of nowhere, if I were to break down I have up to a five mile walk to the office. City buses don't fit fat bikes, cabs won't allow you to put the bike in the trunk, and give the time of day I arrive in town, none of my coworkers would be too happy to come pick me up... and I'm not sure that I am close enough with any of them to ask in the first place.

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    Same as the others. Of course the clothes for the day, toiletries to clean-up with and breakfast (Oatmeal) and lunch.
    Normal bike items are nearly the same as for my regular rides includes; patch-kit, pump an extra tube and the multi tool. But for the commute, since I have extra room, I also include mittens, a warm skull cap and an extra light as a back-up and the lock/cable to secure the bike at work.

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    Mostly food for the day and this time of year a different set of clothes for the ride home as it can be in the 20s on my way in and 50 for the ride home. I used to drive in once a week to carry extra supplies, but the addition of an Ebike eliminates the need to drive if I have errands or need to be somewhere ridiculously early or late. Yesterday I Ebiked, brought in fresh supplies and rode home with groceries for the weekend including a six pack of beer. Nice to have that option. Also started using a dry cleaner next to work to eliminate the need to carry shirts and slacks.

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    I carry a spare tube, pump, patch and repair kit, multitool with chainwrench, zipties, spare chainlinks (the ones that were left when I changed the chain).

    In addition usually a t-shirt and buttondown shirt for the day. Depending on the weather I bring a rainjacket/pants/shoe covers. When I wear it in a shower and take it off when its dry again, I strap it on my rack under the bungees to keep my pannier dry inside.

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    Generally a drawstring bag or slightly larger backpack.

    As little as possible in terms of clothing (pack commuter pants, undies and polo shirt). My lunch and a few munchies. Tools are already on the bike under my saddle. I also carry a slightly larger hand pump.
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    small backpack in summer and bigger in winter. it can get heavy with raingear, gloves, hats, clothes, etc. water bottle for commute hydro bag for longer rides. i carry enough tools to fix the most issues within reason. u lock, food, phone. summer rides are better with a lighter pack.

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    As time goes on, I carry more. I use a set of panniers one of which is only work stuff and lunch. It is always very full.

    In the other, it is my supposed necessities. I have rain gear, tube, pump, spare socks, gloves, stocking cap, derailleur cable, small tool, chain link, patch kit, and batteries. that bag is about 2/3 full.

    I have not needed to make any roadside repair in 10 years, though, so perhaps, I don't need some of that.

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    The heaviest things I carry are 2 thermoses, 1 with a pint of coffee and one with 120z of oatmeal with maple syrup, because I enjoy these things when I get to work. I carry a tube and tools and pump, even though I rarely need to use them and might just catch the bus instead if it is cold. I like to feel self-reliant, and sadly the bike shop at the work end of my commute recently closed, so no more leaving it for a quick fix during the workday. I leave shoes and some clothes at work, but generally carry some clothing both ways. My lights get heavier in winter, they have a couple of decent sized battery packs (1 rides on the bike, 1 in my backpack).

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