here is to you Mr. I-rode-my-29er-and-left-my-road-bike-at-home-this-morning guy, because even though I was much faster I was envious that you could hit some curbs or jumps or whatever while I could only go where my 700x23 tires would allow and even though it is going to be 102F today with a possible 30-50mph wind you still committed to riding your sweet cannondale 29er.

Here is to you Mr. single-speed-possible-fixed-gear-commuter-with-fenders-and-reflective-stickers. I gave you a pull for a few blocks but unfortunately i had to turn off as I was seeking a new path to work and you had to ride on alone but it takes gumption not to mention strength to push one gear in the hot summer months much less with the winds we have had.

Here is to you Mr. and Ms. Trisports-employees-riding-the-bike-path-to-work-at-Tucson's-paragon-of-fitness, you blew by me going the opposite way on the aviation bike path but you were fit and happy and off to work making others fit and happier.

Here is to all of you Riding-to-enjoy-the-desert-morning people, drinking at the fountain or poking along the path with your handlebars so high, grin on your face, and legs pumping enjoying a life lengthened by physical fitness so easily applied in our wonderful climate.

Finally here is to you Mr. roadrunner-slurping-a-juicy-lizard-down-in-the-middle-of-the-bike-path. You didn't budge as I passed you just stood there enjoying a recently killed morsel of lizardy goodness. I laughed out loud and smiled about that for miles. It changed my attitude from serious commuter to happy commuter so I greeted everyone I passed with a nod and a hello this morning.

For all Kudos and thanks for making my commute more interesting and enjoyable!