help with fenders-
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    help with fenders

    i got a set of similar fenders like these ones, but I'm having trouble with the disk caliper, and fender rubbing.. anyone got pics of a jerry rig approach? thanks

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    Disc caliper and fender rubbing? Do you mean the fender mount and the caliper? Meaning the attachment point for the fender "stay" where it bolts to the fork or frame is putting the fender hardware too close to the caliper, causing rub?

    You need to space the fender stay attachment further out with a spacer. Check out Planet Bikes Small Parts page, scroll down to the Fender Parts section, and look for a "Cascadia" fender hardware kit. They are only around $5, so even if you don't see one that is for your specific wheel size you can still use the silver metal spacers and extra long bolts, since those are what you want and they are the same in all the kits.

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    Jandd also has a solution in their Rack and Fender disc brake adaptor.

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    You could also just use some appropriate piece of metal or a big stack of washers with a longer bolt and get the same thing, if you want a "jerry rig" to take care of the problem.
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    I bent my stays to go around the caliper. Had to space one of the mounts out with a stack of washers and a longer screw since it was just too close to the caliper to clear, with any amount of bending. Some have suggested mounting the fender through an upper caliper mounting screw, if that's available, which would avoid the need for creative bending.

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    thanks for the reply.. so, the fender mount, ( the leg that attaches the fender to the frame) hits either the QR or the caliper so i tried bending it to go around the caliper but it makes it too short, thus pulling the fender to the tire.. i didn't think about spacers ill go to a hardware store and see what i can find.. thanks

    Some have suggested mounting the fender through an upper caliper mounting screw
    thought about it but seems like its gonna rub on the cable

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