• 06-07-2012
    In Havana, a bike with a view (13' hgh)
    "When a red light looms, he starts lowering himself while the bike’s still in motion, leaps to the ground and grabs the frame before it can topple."...“I never get scared, nor have I fallen, and I obey all traffic laws.”

    Great pic and full story at Daredevil cyclist braves Havana’s mean streets on super-tall bike, chases world record - The Washington Post
  • 06-08-2012
    i guess i just don't understand it, but more power to him.
  • 06-08-2012
    there is a guy I see riding near my work with a tall bike like that. Its 2 frames welded on top of each other. Not sure how tall it is but its looks weird when you see it. Never seen him start or stop so not sure how he gets on it.