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    handlebar options

    I have an old steel Scott hybrid that I use a commuter and I cannot seem to make it comfortable. the frame size is spot-on for me but I don't like the plain old aluminum flat bars that are on it. riding in just that one position gets old fast. I want something that will give me more stability and hand positions so that I can take my bike on longer rides. I tried drop bars and moustache bars on it but those just increase the reach on the bike way too much, even with a very tall and a very short stem.

    what are my other options? risers, bar ends, alt bars... i saw a bike made my Firefly bikes that has bar ends near the middle of the handlebar. what purpose would these serve?

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    If the size is "spot on" with a flat bar, it`s most likely going to be too long with drops bars or moustache bars, just like you noticed. If yours is so far out of your reach that you can`t get comfortable even with a short stem, it`s just too short. What kind of drop bars did you try? You realize they come with a whole range of different reaches and drops, right? The "dirt drop" kind (Midge, Woodchipper, etc) probably reposition you less than any other drops. Next in line would be some of the compact cross-style bars like Salsa Short and Shallow or Pocos.

    Is a bar end still a bar end if it`s in the middle of a bar
    I`m sure the point is to get an extra (non-twisted wrist) position without catching on tree branches or making you ride with your elbows sticking out like chicken wings. I`ve seen people mount bar ends in the middle, presumeably for those reasons, but never seen one integrated like that. Pretty cool.

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    i was trying some Some Moustache bars and some old-school drops and they made everything too long. some new shallow drops might work better, I will experiment if I can find some of those. otherwise, i need to find some alt bars with comfy back sweep or something.

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    On One Mary bars will give you that swept back position without needing to mess with stem length. I really like mine.
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    I'd recommend the Titec H-Bar. The bar ends near the middle of the bar on that firefly are basically just somewhere to rest your hands especially on flat, straight sections of long rides.

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    When I ride the MTB to work, I find myself working my hands in further and further towards the stem, just for a bit of a better position in the wind. Those 'middle ends' would be great for that.
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    Take a look at the Origin8 Adventure Tour bar. Many hand positions. Very light.
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