Graphic Cycling Safety Ads Pulled-
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    Bummer the campaign was pulled. I agree that a simultaneous one targeted at driver behavior would have been a great addition, but the one they did have made great points in an amusing way. Says me, anyway. Too bad the videos were "removed by user" before I got to watch them

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    Looks to me like the 'advocates' were mad cause it was effective and blunt. Another great article MTBX.
    The ridiculousness of cycling clothes increase exponentially in relation to the distance from your bicycle.

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    Ames also pointed to a 2009 study by the Transport Research Laboratory that found cyclists were to blame in only seven percent of accidents.
    Which basically says it all. And around here 99% of all collisions don't involve cyclists or pedestrians at all, and drivers manage to do all on their own. So this is a "safety" campaign that's target is something like ~0.1% of accidents? I'd say it has very little to do with safety, and a lot to do with ******** ideology.

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    I agree that cyclists need better education about safe riding, and there needs to be actual enforcement of safe riding, but also agree that drivers need better education and enforcement regarding coexisting with cyclists. The ad campaign definitely should have included ads targeting drivers for things like dooring, right (or left) hooks, giving adequate space, things that are known to be common problems with the way drivers behave, too.

    I've been trying to educate my wife about safe riding lately, too. She doesn't ride on the roads (too intimidated). However, the first thing she notices about other cyclists on the road is whether they're wearing a helmet or not. I'm working to get her to understand that the helmet is the last line of defense, and that other things are more important like where and how the person is riding, how visible they are, and how attentive they are. Whether someone wants to wear a helmet is their prerogative. I am more quick to criticize a lack of visibility, salmon riding, or erratic riding.

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