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    Garmin Varia

    I stumbled across these when looking at a newly-announced Garmin computer.

    Garmin now has lights that communicate with its GPS head units.

    As well as a rearview radar warning system.

    Thoughts? Some interesting products, but I see a problem. All of these products have their own little batteries that are going to require pretty frequent charging. The radar module will run for 15 hours with the light on high. The radar appears as though it's only compatible with the Edge 1000, which will only run for 15 hours tops.

    With computers, I keep seeing companies cramming more and more features into them, but there are no improvements in powering them. There are even some serious setbacks. The Garmin Edge 20/25 basic models will only run for 8 hours on a charge. WTF is that? Let's start seeing some real advancements in ways to power all of these extra features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harold View Post
    Way more complicated than necessary, and I see very little real benefit to non-computerized good lights. A real improvement would be if the rear watcher told you whether that Prius or Volt (because there`s no way I`m not going to hear the truck that was in the video) is rolling right along the fog line or is moving over, but Garmin`s solution apparently only tells what I can already determine by myself. A blinkie can be turned on at all times, then it will alert rear traffic that there`s a bicycle ahead even when there IS no rear traffic. Lights that move up or down with speed might be kind of nice, which is why I started rigging up a friction shifter to a pivoting light mount... until I came to the conclusion that it wasn`t worth the trouble. For that matter, some of the Rivendell and Jan Heine crowd just use a short rod sticking out the back to tip a headlight up or down on the fly. Remote control? It`s for a bicycle, for crying out loud! How far am I going to get from the non-remote controls and still have any need to operate it? IMO, they`re just scratching to come up with ANYTHING not yet offered in order to sucker out a few sales.

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