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    New question here. FS 29er as a Commuter (X-Post in 29er Forum)

    Here's my dilemma. After a major 100km race where my body got beat up pretty bad - I was riding a fully rigid Soma so probably deserved it - I've decided I want to step up to an FS 29er. I really enjoyed my first marathon and want to do more, but my body will not be able to handle a fully rigid in these sorts of conditions.

    My problem is that I can only have one bike, so the FS I choose will also need to fulfil commuter duties as well - 25km each way on the road. My other issue is money (or lack of it!) so it needs to be built on a budget, plus being in Australia I need to factor in shipping costs and the like.

    I have my eye on the Voodoo Canzo, or maybe even a Kona Hei Hei 2-9, but am worried about the level of suspension bob when it comes to on-road duties (up to 75% of my riding each week will be commuting). It's been nearly 10 years since I was last on a full squish. I realise that FS is a major compromise on road but I have to make that sacrifice so that I can complete marathon races.

    My questions are this:

    • Are there any Voodoo riders out there that use their Canzo to commute? If so, how do you find it? What about other FS commuters?
    • What is the RS Monarch shock like with regards to bob? Is there are lockout or 'pro-pedal' like function?
    • Any tips or tricks from FS commuters on eliminating any bob?

    On a slightly different note - does anyone race their Canzo? How is it? Are their any funny little quirks about them I should be aware of?

    Hope this makes some sense...

    Cheers and Beers.
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    my tip for eliminating bob would be to ride a rigid bike, or to make sure that your rear and front shocks have lock out. have you considering getting a suspension fork for your hardtail? it would save you some money and you might find that it fits your needs.
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    If you can lock out the suspension (rear especially, if you set the front stiff the little bit of compliance is nice), then you'll be fine, as it'll ride like a rigid. I ride a hardtail for MTB and road, and just crank the fork a little stiffer on road (it's stiff already) and I get no pedal bob in the fork at all, so with a rear lockout, you should be fine.

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    You may have to spin more than standing and hammering. I'd get a second wheelset with slicks or semi-slicks depending on your preference. he second set obviously doesn't have to be expensive, Jenson has some decent 29er wheelsets for a little less than 200 dollars that should last you a long time. With tires and a casssette you could still keep it under 300, and a second wheelset is always good to have if you only have one bike.

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    why can you only have 1 bike? if its space i understand. if its money build up a old road SS for $100.

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    I have a SS roadie I use for part of the time and my FS 26" machine I also use. I'm blessed with being able to commute on some MUTs and singletrack, but even road riding it, the FS works just fine.

    I have a platform valve in my shock, so I can't give you a lot of pointers there other than increase the preload or air pressure a bit and try not to stand and hammer.
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    paging commutergrl....
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