• 11-30-2013
    Frame suggestions needed: 700c commuter/touring with flat bar.
    Looking for a new commuter/touring ride. Probably want to build from the frame. Here is what I want.

    -Mounts for racks and fenders.
    -Tire clearance: 35's with fenders minimum, preferably more.
    -Needs to handle reasonably heavy loads (like a grocery trip, my Casseroll becomes a wet noodle)
    -Road geometry, not mtb geo. I wish I knew exactly what the key here is, but I just find road bikes to be more fun and responsive on the road than converted mtb's.
    -Designed for a flat bar (longer TT than for drops). Actually, I'm thinking of something like a Jones H-Loop Bar.
    -Disc or v-brakes.
    -considering 26" as well as 700c

    I really liked the Vaya I tested, but I want to run a flat bar. My past experience sticking a flat bar on a road bike did not feel right (too short in the TT). When I look at the measurements of the size that has a 1" longer top tube on the vaya, it's just too big.

    Looked at the surly Troll and Ogre. Liked the idea, but not the geo. I have a KM (which has the same geo as the Ogre) and it is no what I am looking for on the road. Also, I don't like how wide the seat stays are on the KM (my knees hit them) and I am thinking they will be similar.

    So, other suggestions?
  • 12-03-2013
    You're going to wind up with an Ogre. Just embrace the idea :lol:
  • 12-03-2013
    Your request for a road bike geometry compatible with a flat bar will limit your choices. The only one I am aware of is the On-One Pompetamine. My experience with that bike is documented here. Overall, I liked it well enough (it has a short wheelbase and short chainstays) overall, but the killer for me was the rear dropout and disc tab. It was so fiddly and particular about the gear you used that I had to get rid of it. Drove me insane.

    Got a Vaya instead and I love it.
  • 12-03-2013
    The Surly Straggler meets all your desires, except v-brakes. Disc only.

    Top tube is longer than the Cross Check, so it lends itself pretty nicely to a flat bar setup if so desired.
  • 12-03-2013
    I think the following are designed for use with a drop bar, but if you get a larger size that what you "ought to" get to get a better ETT, you could make them work with flat bars:
    Vassgo Fistcuff
    Crosscheck of Long Haul Trucker
    Pake C'mute
    Soma Double Cross

    or you can get a cheap complete bike out of a Novara Safari or Buzz and swap out the parts you don't want.