Found a kid and a bmx bike in the road this morning-
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    Found a kid and a bmx bike in the road this morning

    I was almost to the office, I came around a slight corner with a slight rise and there is a bmx bike laying in the road and a kid picking himself up off the ground. A car had just passed him but didn't stop. He tries to grab the bike and drag it to the sidewalk.

    I pull over and he's bleeding pretty bad from the mouth, kind of whimpering crying a little and trying to make a phone call. I get the bike off the street and notice the chain is off, put my hand on his shoulder and ask him what happened.

    He tells me he just fell and landed on his face...and he needs to call his dad. No answer. I offer to take him to the office, get him washed up and get through to his parents. This kid was totally dazed. I asked him what day it least he knew it was Friday.

    We get inside and get him into the bathroom where he gets cleaned up. Huge fat lip and a nasty scrape on his upper lip. Go back out front, he manages to get a hold of mom and dad, I tell them where to pick him up.

    We get back out front where I check out his bike again, manage to get the chain back on but there's no wonder it came off. WAY too much slack. Dad finally shows up and has the nerve to get onto the kid "You riding too fast?" I tell dad the chain came off which made him fall, show dad the chain situation and explain to him how to fix it. Then I say "You might want to consider a helmet for him too."

    They grab the bike, stuff it in the trunk and take off.
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    You did a great thing helping the kid out, as the driver that kept going allot of people now days would do the same due to fear of being sued. Good job in telling dad to get him a helmet also.

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    Sheesh, lots of help Pop was, eh? Good thing you happened along and were willing/able to help out.

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    Great job! Did anybody happen to say "thank you"?
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    Well done bikecolorado!

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    Nice one!

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    Good job. You are a good citizen and neighbor.
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    Probably the first day of school.... he did it on purpose to avoid having to go

    Good job... most people don't take that extra step to help people out anymore.
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    I expect the boy will remember your kindness, and hopefully learn something from it. I still remember a stranger ata busy intersection who stuck out his arm in front of me to keep me from crossing in front of a car turning into the street - back in the dark ages when I was in elementary school.

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    Awesome job
    And I really thought this was gonna be a "and then I jumped him" thread

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