• 02-17-2008
    Fork rake for commuting (snow)?
    I have a Voodoo Wanga that I use primarily to commute and secondarily to have some fun off road. The bike was designed around a 100mm geometry fork. I am currently using a spare 1x1 fork with a rake of 45 and it seems to work well but I'm looking for something longer than 413mm. There are several options out there. What fork rake would be ideal for primarily commuting (snow and shine) and some light off-road use. The frame has a 71 degree head tube.
    What would be the difference in say a 38mm rake fork and a 45mm rake fork given the rest of their dimensions and quality was the same? Which would be better for commuting (especially on the snow)?
  • 02-27-2008
    My bike is a FS with a 90mm to 130mm travel fork, it has a 71 degree head tube.

    When the snow and ice get rutty and deep, I open up to the 130mm travel postion.

    That drops the head tube about 1.5 deg to 69.5.

    The slacker geometry really helps control the front wheel.

    A larger front tire is also very good in helping out.
    I run a 1.95 stud front and back, and got some 2.3 studs for the trails, when the snow gets deep the 2.3 on the front is great