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    FL Bikecommuter Fights Ticket for Taking the Lane

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    Somehow when I read bike commuter, that is exactly the guy I pictured.
    The pedals turn, not just the left one, but the right one too.

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    Nice win. I have similar situations but have never been told to move over. We don't have a lot of deputies with this kind of time on their hands. The lanes don't fit a dumptruck centerline to edge, let alone a cyclist and a Smart car. Crowded by the odd disgruntled motorist, yes but not as badly as the accidental close passes if I ride close to the edge. My experience matches his: taking the lane is safer in certain circumstances. Excellent that the judge sees that safety supersedes law. I also look a lot like him but not quite that lean, and a bit grayer.

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    I'm a county north of him, and get the same crap all the time. Luckily, I haven't been ticketed (yet).

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