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    Good job! fix-a-flat field test

    I wont get into why, but I am totally out of spare tubes since thursday and have had 0 time to buy more since. I usually have a patch kit, tire levers, pump and spare tube in my pack. But not today.

    I was riding home when I felt what I thought was a hop in my rear wheel. It was 10:30pm and had no desire to spot true road side, (yes I have a spoke wrench aswell) so I rode on until I bothered me too much. Got off my bike and couldnt see an issue. Got back on and as it got worse I realized it was really a super slow leak. Not motivated to pull out a patch kit I walked 100 yards to the gas station where I hoped to find slime and a compressor. Well no slime, but a product called fix-a-flat. I spent the $8 on a product I had no experience with. Screwed to my valve I hit the button, what looked like Stans, not slime came out back with plenty of pressure to inflate my rear wheel. I could hear and feel the leak now, pretty bad. But it worked!

    I made it home, another 4 miles with no problem. When got home I the rear tire and tube and replaced with another commuter tire this one a 2.1 instead of 1.5 oh well. The air that came out was really cold CO2 and then the tube pissed Stans all over my parking lot and had, which amused a simpleton like me. Now I'm running 1.5 up front and 2.1 out back, but the point is I'm not riding a bus to work in the morning.

    I was so pleased with the results that I thought I'd share for others who have never had to use this product yet. A good alternative to walking for sure.
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    On many occasions, a can of Fix-A-Flat allowed several thousand more miles to be added to the life of car tires that had punctures in the tread area. Iíd never tried it on bike tires before though.
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    When my Dad gave me my truck, it had a slow leak in the rear tire and a can of fix-a-flat in the cab. It finally gave up the ghost, but with the occasional reapplication of that stuff and topping up the tire with my floor pump, I got a few thousand more miles too. Finally got a new set of rear tires - they were pretty bald.
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