Fisticuff riders

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  • 11-27-2010
    Mr Pink57
    Fisticuff riders
    So I jumped on the black friday deal got the frameset for $329 and a $1 for shipping and I have wanted this style of road/cross bike anyways.

    I want this to be a all around commuter including light singletrack, fireroads, and pavement. I have a set of wheels already that will be built up for this they're my old Jalco X320s that came stock on my Cannondale, they are ok for a starter set, and are a disc only rim (fine since I am using disc anyway).

    What I also want is a nice set of all around tires. I have seen the Spec crossroads am also looking at the Conti Cyclocross this seems like a interesting set at 42c but am curious on durability in roads? Don't want a bunch of flats. The only other tires I have though about is trying to squeeze a Nanoraptor up front with a Vulpine out back?

    Lastly any recommendations on a cheap bar end shifter and a 9spd rear der? I am going 1x9 on this bike for now, using a old Truvativ Stylo 1.1 until I figure something else out.