• 09-30-2011
    Dirty Bastard
    first nasty slide on pavement
    so railing a intersection turn at about 25 and just felt my footy hit even though my leg was up on the inward side. Was scared and quick to react/not look stupid. I got to work just fine even though shifter was thrown way inward. What not sucks more than anything is this pain in my shoulder up to my neck and my damn road rash on my right arm. it is bad and my first road rash big spill on the road at speed. Made me miss the mountain bike and the dirt and rocks...
  • 10-03-2011
    I got a mess of road rash from the gravel off road this year....sucks.
  • 10-03-2011
    Yeah...toss-up. Pavement rash or dirt rash with little rocks imbedded in it...they both suck in their own unique way. Road rash is more of a screaming sting, and dirt rash is more of a deep, throbbing achy bruised sting. If I had to choose, I think I'd go with a nice crash on my wakeboard :lol: