Finding the ultimate commute route....-
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    ... and if we just ... Finding the ultimate commute route....

    If you're like me, you are constantly searching for that ultimate commute route. When I first started commute by bike, a little over a year ago I took the shortest, fastest route. Pretty soon though, I got tired of this and envied folks who had longer commutes, so I start searching for and trying out longer routes with more climbing so I could get the fitness benefit as well. I have several different routes I take to mix it up and make things interesting, but the one thing I always envied were people on this forum are able to incorporate some dirt into their commute. Last week I discovered a semi-hidden dirt road, right here in my town and conveniently on my way to work. It's only two blocks long, but that's better than nothing as far as I'm concerned. It also presents an interesting new challenge for me at night, as there are no street lights and the tree cover is such that it blocks out most of the moonlight.

    So later in the week I had another revelation, there is this city park I always blast past; instead of going around it, why not just go right through it? Doesn't necessarily make the ride any longer or shorter, but it's nice to get off a busy street and "be in nature," if only for a few minutes. Looks like I've found my new favorite route.
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    Finding the ultimate commute route....-commute4.jpg  

    Finding the ultimate commute route....-commute5.jpg  

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    That will depend on yr route distance. I believe yr commuting route is not very long(less than 6miles?).

    But if the commuting route is more than 10miles. Finding the shortest route shall be the trend.

    To me commuting is just a travelling process. The faster I get home, the happier I am.

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    Nice work. I think the best part of bicycle commuting- finding different routes and adventuring. I just wish I lived in a place where I could get some singletrack in on the commute.

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    I've been doing that for years -- just to fend off the boredom of the same old route.

    There is no 'ultimate' commute route; it could be Moab or the Maah Daah Hey, but if you do it over and over long enough, they'll suck, too.

    Mix it up -- VARIETY is the key!
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    Nice route- it looks very pleasant. My commute has about 100 ft of dirt where I cut through a little gate and down the side of a road fill to the back door at work. There`s an option for more, but it`s pretty sandy so I usually avoid it. Maybe I ought to rethink that option.

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    You guys have it good when it comes to "re routing" your commute! Living on an island my route pretty much has to stay close to straight there if I don't feel like tackling some pretty serious hills at 6:30am..... So what I do is I have diffrent loops that I do!
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    That looks like a very fun commute, much better than fighting traffic and exaust fumes

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    Gary, those shots of your route have an odd familiarity to them. Where is that?

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    The pictures you see above only actually comprise about 1/5 or 1/4 of my total commute, but variety is the spice of life as they say!

    Quote Originally Posted by commo_soulja
    Gary, those shots of your route have an odd familiarity to them. Where is that?
    This is in Belmont, up the peninsula in San Mateo County.
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