Fill out the FCC forms...see bottom of article-
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    Fill out the FCC forms...see bottom of article

    Guys like this are going to get someone KILLED.

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    Done. That was probably the most disgusting thing I've read in quite some time. Completely unwarranted acts of violence, simply because he was inconvenienced or for whatever other childish reason he's citing as an excuse to injure and/or kill another human being. I'm surprised that he didn't try citing passages from the Bible to substantiate his argument.
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    "My name is Lance Taylor, I am one of the co-host of the Roundtable on WJOX. My partner and I made some borderline ridiculous comments about cycling on Thursday and as you know there has been some obvious fallout. I do want to let you know, not that it matters, that what was blogged were not my direct comments. It really doesn't matter because my comments were uneducated. I would like to tell you that the past 48 hours have been a little strange and to be honest unproductive for all parties.

    With all of that said I think that there is an opportunity for not only WJOX, but our listeners to learn a little bit more about what your community has to deal with on a daily basis.
    As I have stated, I made a mistake, but why not use positive energy and let others like myself become informed of the dangers of motorists and cyclists.

    If you have a moment please email me and let me know if you or someone would like to be a guest on our show this week to discuss.

    Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

    If you would like to go on the show, please email me and I'll provide you with the contact information. I'm definitely not the person for this. I'm not it-politically correct on these things"

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    Quote Originally Posted by citybiker

    Guys like this are going to get someone KILLED.

    Done done it yesterday... Filing a complaint with the FCC is the way to go with these sorts of bozos. Their broadcasting license comes up for renewal every couple years or so, and the Form 200 complaints are kept on file by the FCC.

    KJOX will have some 'splainin' to do the next time they try to renew...
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    the bizarre thing about the station in Madison is that the general manager of the station lost a sister when she was killed by a motorist while cycling. That station actually sounds like it needs more of a beating than the one in Alabama, they are unapologetic.

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