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    Fenix BC30R

    Ya its a cross post, but seeing as 2 things happen:

    People that come to commuting or bike packing subs dont visit lighting sub forum

    Always see posts looking for exactly this kind of light

    So thought Id share it over here. Its on my commuter, replaced my previous light set up and love it.

    Nice light, usb chargeable, self contained (dual 18650 cells), Neutral White dual emitter multi beam coverage light. Bar clamp itself isnt quick release, but the light itself comes off the bar clamp quick and easy (my other favorite part since my commuter is locked up outside).

    Here's the video I did instead of typing a ton out about it:

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    What, no strobe?! That's a deal breaker for me... And it looks bulky and ugly.

    Make no mistake, I'm a Fenix fanboy I have a whole collection of E21s and I really like the battery life feature.

    I'm really happy with my Cateye Volt 700 (and I'm about to buy a second one), but IMHO the shortcoming of most of these lights (and a lot of other small electronics) is the total failure to indicate the battery life.

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    It has strobe I just didn't get it on the video. Had to read the instructions on how to activate it. And its size is because the batteries are internal in the head. Can't be small, have good output, and useable run time. Its another pick 2 situation. Its the dual emitters so need of dual cells that makes the case the size it is.

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    OK wanted share this, not a bad little deal.

    Cool bit of a deal. Get a BC30r. Gearbest is throwing in a convoy s2+ flashlight and a decent tail light (one i actually have and use, works rather well)

    So whole deal for the $139 for the BC30R, other things are included free when you add the Fenix too your cart. Not a bad deal IMO since Fenix lights are the same price anywhere. Get some needed stuff for free with it. Fenix BC30R 1600 Lumens 2 Cree XM L2 T6 LEDs OLED Cycling Light with Rechargeable Battery ( Neutral White )-139.66 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com

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    I think this is about perfect for a commuter light.
    That kind of output is plenty for any commuting situation. The read out for time is a pretty big deal also.
    Like the OP said, this is actually not big at all considering the output and life. Looks well built and I am not a huge fan of strobe ,I think the turbo is better for getting the attention of drivers as you can easily use it when needed rather than having to select a mode.
    I also really like the wide flood beam pattern and am thinking it would be great as a system with a brighter head lamp like my Gloworm X2.
    Like the reviewer,I find it plain odd that Fenix would go through the hassle of making a remote that strictly does one thing, turbo, and not that well(haing to hold it to keep it on .) Maybe this is one of those held back features used to sell the next model. I dunno.
    Over all, this is really a great system with features that really make it appealing for a large cross section of riders, if they just had a higher max output and a usefull remote this would be a 10/10/.

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