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    Fenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.

    I'm wanting to convert my old 1997 Trek 6000 into a commuter, can anyone recommend a set of fenders and baskets (or panniers?) for this bike? It has ridged forks and a 21" frame, 26" wheels, and center-pull cantilever brakes. Attached are some pictures of the eyelets and mounts I see on the bike. I would mostly be using it to carry groceries or to carry a backpack; would you recommend baskets or panniers? Also I see Wald makes a folding rear basket to mount on a rack, what is your opinion on this? Do you think it would rattle around and make a bunch of noise?

    Fenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-img_0871.jpgFenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-img_0869.jpgFenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-img_0868.jpgFenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-img_0865.jpgFenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-img_0864.jpgFenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-img_0866.jpg

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    Planet Bike Cascadia with aftermarket buddy flaps, and yeah, the Wald folding baskets are pretty sweet for groceries.

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    I was talking with a Plant Bike representative and below are the weights of their fenders:

    Cascadia ATB Black = 588g
    Cascadia ATB Silver = 662g
    Cascadia ALX 26 wide = 773g
    Cascadia ALX 26 narrow = 655g

    The representative further stated the only difference between the ATB and ALX 26" is the ATB series is made with polycarbonate while the ALX series is made with aluminum. The ATB and ALX 26" wide are virtually identical except for the material they're made out of. The ALX 26" narrow is designed for 1.5" or smaller tires.

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    I completed the conversion and I'm really happy with the outcome. I just got back from her maiden voyage to the grocery store, everything went smoothly.

    • Fenders: Planet Bike Cascadia ATB Black
    • Front Basket: Wald 3133GB Quick Release
    • Rear Rack: Topeak Explorer TA2026-B
    • Panniers: Bushwhacker Omaha Folding Grocery Basket
    • Pedals: Nashbar Double Track
    • Seat: Schwinn No Pressure
    • Cages: Ibera IB-BC5

    Total cost of the conversion was about $220.

    Fenders and basket recommendation for a 1997 Trek 6000.-ubx1msskwnvddyrnsn7j4xma3lyhplniw2x5kbosrfe-2048x1536.jpg

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    I am fortunate in some ways - for example I live directly across the street from a 24hr grocery store. SUPER convenient when I need something. The bright lights, traffic, and blowing trash not so much. I get to walk to the store, and I do so frequently...usually at least twice a week. PLUS, I get produce delivered to my doorstep.

    So my commuter doesn't really get grocery duty very much.

    When I have done grocery runs, I use my panniers which are repurposed kitty litter bins. And I will bungee big stuff like TP packages to the rear rack's deck. I haven't felt the need for anything up front to this point. But if I did, it would be a porteur rack.

    Is there a way you can level out the basket on your setup? The only Wald basket that I have much experience with is the one that just bolts on, and has lower supports that go to the lower eyelets on the fork.

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    All I can say is wow! The other day I got a new XT crankset for my other bike and it came with a SM-BB70 threaded bottom bracket. However, my other bike has a press fit bottom bracket so I tossed the BB70 in with my spare parts. I was rummaging through the parts box today and I took a closer look at the BB70 and had an epiphany that maybe it could fit on this commuter bike. I took the BB70 over to the bike and eyeballed it to see if the dimensions were the same and they looked about right. I got the tape measure out and checked again and sure enough it looked like the same diameter. Then I triple checked it by looking up the dimensions online of the old and new BB and they were the same! But then I said to myself, "well I don't have the tools to take off the old square tapered three piece crankset", but I walked over to my tools to see what I had anyways. Amazingly my nashbar essentials toolkit did have all the tools to pull the crank, so I took the old crank and BB off and tried threading on the BB70 to see if it fit, and it did!

    Anyways, long story short. I was able to take my old Deore FC-M552 10-speed crankset and put it on this 19 year old 7-speed bike! All I had to do was put in 2.5mm spacers on both sides and the chain line of the new crankset lined up perfectly, I didn't even have to adjust the front derailleur. The chainrings on the crank I pulled off were severely worn, so I'm really happy about this.
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    So I just had another epiphany! I just realized that I can convert this 7-speed into a 10-speed! I already have a spare 10-speed cassette and chain and XT M786 Shadow Plus derailleur. I checked the derailleur mount and it seems like it will fit. The rear spacing is 135mm. All I need to do buy a new rear wheel with a 10-speed freehub and pull the SLX shifters off my new bike and put them on this bike. The 7-speed shifters are on their last leg and need to be replaced anyways, this will give me an excuse to upgrade my new bike to XT M780 I-Spec. Win Win!

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    I personally would rather pay $20 for a new set of shifters, than the cost of a new wheel and hub... But I'm cheap and I'm still running the same hubs from the 90s.
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