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    Feds Move to Reduce Bike & Ped Deaths

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    More like Feds will pretend to minimize pedestrian and cyclist deaths while still allowing the car to be legally and fiscally enfranchised compared to the disenfranchisement of any other transportation modality. In other words, this is just show. Let us see them take jaywalking laws off the books if they are really serious. Why should human locomotion cater to those who are lazy, taking up the most space for the least people moved and using the most polluting option? Just because they are often comparatively richer? It is time to get serious about issues like life quality, research has shown that Dutch children who can go to school on their own at very young ages and have movement independence due to their excellent cycling infrastructure are more happy. You will never see scenes like this in hover parent America:

    See: A view from the cycle path: The school run in Assen(Netherlands)

    It is time to get serious about anthropogenic climate change. It is time to get serious about the serious lack of physical activity that all these machines like the private automobile have engendered. It is time to build more community, by making the roads which are the largest and closest strips of publicly funded space for almost everyone, safe enough to gather and meet neighbors and friends instead of the sole domain of the disgusting automobile. The solution to all these problems can be achieved by using the same laws and public funds that made the automobile the king of the roads, to unmake it. Everything else is empty rhetoric.

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    Where's the fat kid in that picture? And I'm totes jealous of that girl's basket.

    I almost hate to say it but I'm agreeing with you on this one, except for the highly divisory rhetoric. The public infrastructure ought to be more inclusive. That's the only way it can work, and personally I think it's more plausible than haters give it credit for.

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    I can guarentee you the feds are not gonna improve anything, but may succeed in pluggin up car traffice at the expense of pluggin up bike traffic, and installing some huge penalties for all involved.

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    Maybe we can't keep complaining that nobody pays attention to the risks cyclists face, and then just dis it when someone actually pays some attention. If you're not part of the solution...???

    They're looking at a "road diet" on part of my commute, as is being discussed here U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Announces New Initiative to Enhance Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety | Department of Transportation and it would definitely be safer on my route if there weren't 2 lane sections that just encourage cars to drag race each other to the next single lane section.

    The summary report http://www.dot.gov/sites/dot.gov/fil...cc_v1-11-9.pdf

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