• 12-05-2014
    Empathy for Hit and Run Drivers in LA
  • 12-06-2014
    The comments this article highlights are very telling of the normalization and acceptance of the violence caused by motorists.

    As a cyclist who doesn't drive: Can I start smashing every car that rolls a controlled intersection, doesn't use their signal, exceeds the speed limit, passes too close, or that breaks any of the innumerable traffic laws motorists disobey constantly?
  • 12-08-2014
    Poor guys. I can't believe these wiley cyclists these days.

    But really, they can just deal with it. The only reason they don't stop is because they can get away. If they hit another car they'd stop and apologize and insurance and yadda yadda. Gimme a break. Acceptance of this opens the door to accept victim blaming when it's not the cyclists fault.

    Why can't we recognize that cyclists and drivers suck just as bad. Seriously, I've been biking down the road and been told the road is for cars only to see the person pull into a parking lot and drive the wrong way across lanes and the slam on the breaks to avoid hitting someone driving normally through the lot. And I'm the problem.
  • 12-08-2014
    I don't believe anyone who claims that they have never seen a cyclist stop at a stop sign. It's just a ridiculous statement to make.

    I was also puzzled by the last comment on the article about "very aggressive cyclists".... what exactly is a very aggressive cyclist? I can't really think of anything, short of banging on someone's car, that would qualify as aggressive. Maybe taking the lane? I'm at a loss..
  • 12-08-2014
    Avoiding going to read the comments, cuz it will just raise my blood pressure.
  • 12-08-2014
    It's certainly a big mental and moral disconnect to say that just because cyclists don't follow the road rules to the T, that running them down and leaving the scene is justifiable. I never have a day on the road that is free of drivers breaking the rules, ever. Most days it is many times. There's a traffic light near work where for 3 consecutive months I saw drivers run the red every day. The average was 3 cars, but the record was 7 and the last 3 were so late the light had been green for over 5 seconds on the other street. I guess if drivers had bonnet mounted rocket launchers it would be OK to destroy everyone breaking road rules and drive on contentedly until someone did it to you?
  • 12-08-2014
    ^ I notice this about so many things. How can one function with that level of cognitive dissonance? It is beyond me.