Educate new commuters-
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    Educate new commuters

    Lately there has been a huge amount of new cyclists on the road with no common sense, as veteran commuters please educate others, in friendly conversation of course. I have seen bikes cut off turning cars, ride in front of cars turning out riding both opposite sides ect.... Bikes on the road are awesome but as veteran riders we have to warn,educate, talk about this.

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    During bike to work day in May I was about 3-400m behind this guy that was hugging parked vehicles and the spaces in between. Every time he went through an intersection, he would move right so that he was inline with the parked cars and then he'd move back over once at the other side. I was cringing the whole time.

    Conversely, a fellow commuter in my office seems to be doing fairly well. He took some kind of free class offered by one of the community organizations about biking in the city. I offered to escort him a couple times, but he refused. We were headed to the pub after work one day and I caught up to him and he seems to be doing fine. His commute is only about 1.5mi or so anyway. He just moved up here from Texas in June where he couldn't go anywhere without the car and love his bike, Trek 7500 (not FX), for anything up to 5 mi and not having to use his car for these kind of trips.

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    Organize a free class. The Bike Federation of Wisconsin does this through their ambassadors but not every state has such an organization. It's up to us. Make sure your city has a Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Commission. If they do, work with them. If they don't, start it.

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