• 07-25-2013
    Driverless Cars! The cause of, and solution to all of life's problems

    Fun opinion piece.

    Yeah, they're still cars. Wkipedia tells me the US has 0.8 cars/person and Canada is 0.6, and I wonder if autonomous cars will drive that up or down? It means your 6 year-old could have a car of their own, but also that Cabs will no longer need Cabbies which would be fantastic.
  • 07-26-2013
    On the positive side, there will be less selfishness and idiocy causing traffic and accidents.
  • 07-26-2013

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    On the positive side, there will be less selfishness and idiocy causing traffic and accidents.

    I can see that, but I can also see failures of the system causing utter mayhem.

    What would be nice is that if it did drive car ownership, and even use down. Roads could be made smaller to accommodate the lighter auto traffic, which would make room for things like light rail, bike lanes, and maybe a bit of streetscaping to pretty things up a bit.
  • 07-26-2013
    If the driverless cars were actually programmed to operate safely (around cars, bikes, peds, etc.) the passengers would be cursing up a storm at the "delay". So road rage would just be transferred to passengers, who would have both hands free for hurling bottles etc.. It would take at least for a generation or two for there to be a chance of attitudes changing.
  • 07-27-2013
    Moby P
    I can't imagine the mayhem when the system gets hacked.
  • 07-27-2013
    The turd polishing continues
    Sure theyd be great as long as there werent any other more effective/efficient modal choices out there and your OK with the value of your time decreasing as you sit in traffic longer. Im not saying people should live in stack and pack housing or in the urban core but they should really use better judgement when they decide where they want to live and the consequences of their decisions..

    rant off. Now im going to ride my bike in the sun and fresh air.....