Hi All,

This was a pretty solid success last year and we're looking for more participation this year. If you're outside of the Bay Area, we still want you to participate and will find a way to send swag and prizes if you win.

Take the 2011 Drive Less Challenge! APRIL 22 May 5th, 2011
We all have a role in protecting our climate, especially when it comes to reducing car travel, the largest source of carbon emissions on the Peninsula. The Drive Less Challenge is a fun way to start by leaving your car behind to take alternative transport to work, school, shopping or your other local destinations.

Participants use an on-line, game-like trip log to compete with friends, neighbors, and co-workers - or just challenge themselves - by taking a bus, train, carpool, bike or just walking to your destination.

We all win by reducing our community's greenhouse gas footprint so please join us on the Drive Less Challenge 2011, and see how much you and your communities can do to keep the earth cool!

Sign up for the challenge here www.drivelesschallenge.com

We look forward to your participation.