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    Well I've been having a good time using my mountain bike for small commutes and exercise to prep myself to do some trail riding. All has been going well until a couple of days ago a giant german shepherd got away from it's house and took off after me. I was just barely able to keep away from it until it eventually gave up. I know if this was probably just a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have had the same endurance and would have been ripped apart on the road. It kind of has me a bit discouraged to ride these days, super paranoid that the next attack is around the corner, especially since this particular instance is right around my street. Do you guys bring anything in the event of being attacked by an animal, although I'm not really sure what could deter that. Super paranoid of being ripped apart on my bike now.

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    They don't recognize us as humans when we're on a bike, according to some. One dog you can usually fend off with a bike as a shield but if on a lonely MUP/single track you may tire before he gets bored or help arrives. I have carried a small pepper spray. Sprayed into the wind behind. A little bit is enough to put two aggressive dogs off. I have done the dismount with three dogs after me. A hit on the nose of the leader had them back off. Some people here let their dogs roam free in the day and they form packs. I avoid those areas as I am no longer fast enough to out run them.

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    Water bottle full of rubbing alcohol. Squirt as necessary. Won't harm the dog but will stop it in it's tracks if you squirt it in the face. Just don't drink it.

    Or you can just get mauled a bit and sue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eshew View Post
    Water bottle full of rubbing alcohol. Squirt as necessary. Won't harm the dog but will stop it in it's tracks if you squirt it in the face. Just don't drink it.

    Just plain water in the face has always worked for me.
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    The odds are that you are more likely to crash than get bit, which is just as dangerous. But either way it is scary and discouraging! Unless I am already going downhill I don't try to outrun them, I know my medium sized dog can go 25mph because he has a GPS collar. No way I am beating that speed uphill. So I nearly always dismount, put the bike in between us and yell and point for it to go home. Sometimes it works, sometimes the owner or a neighbor hears and helps, and sometimes it just lets you get far enough out of its territory to saddle up safely again. SO far it has worked. I only got bit once, and that was when I tried to keep pedaling away from 3 dogs. Luckily it was not serious.

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    ^^Yup, a variation on this. If you know you can't outrun it it is just best to get off the bike and put it between you and the dog. Brushing up on your cyclocross dismount technique helps here. A lot of dogs become much less interested when you aren't looking like prey.

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    Pepper spray. Just make sure you familiar yourself with the safety mechanism before trying to use. Some offerings include an enclosure with a velcro strap that can be attached to a backpack handlebar..ect...ect.

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